Things We Love

Things We Love – May 2013

We Love Color!!!

At Object Design Studio we love color. We cherish those fleeting moments that we are totally aware and utterly in awe of the colors that nature offers us.

 Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, April 2013

On a recent production trip to visit our rattan supplier in Northern Thailand, I was riding a motorcycle en-route to the workshop when the small dirt road dipped down and turned and I suddenly found myself surrounded on all sides by an ocean of deeply saturated green rice fields.

Things We Love – December 2012

We have been extremely active since we last checked in. We’d like to update you on where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to, and share with you some of the Things We Love from the past several months.

Donner Pass-Sierra Nevada Mountains-California-August 2012

On a sourcing trip to California in August, I managed to sneak away with my daughter Lola to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains where we spent a fabulous few days staying with good friends in a cabin on Donner Lake.

Welcome to our first “Things We Love”!

Every month, or so, we will be sending you our “Things We Love” newsletter. Perhaps it will contain photos from a recent adventure, an image of a unique culinary presentation, or one our most recent Designs. Whatever it may be, we very simply love, and are inspired by, the amazing world we live in and would like to celebrate this with you!

Things We Love

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate subject to kick-off our first issue of “Things We Love” than the person I love most in this world, my daughter Lola Sophia.